How Much Is a Quarter of Weed

How Much Is a Quarter of Weed?

Weed as one of the most selling and used drug all over the world is intentionally grown in gardens and similar other cultivated settings. Weed is available in numerous dispensaries and on streets through friends and other dealers. Weed can be purchased in different quantities such as in grams, eights, quarters and ounces. Grams is the least quantity which can be purchased whereas, an ounce is a maximum unit in which weed is purchased. The purchasing quantity significantly depends on the consumption of a consumer of weed. However, a quarter is often stated as ‘quad’. While measuring weed it is highly important to comprehend the scales. There are some basic and simple techniques which can be implemented in order to simplify the whole process.

Thus, a quarter of weed is equal to ¼ of an ounce or seven grams. A quarter of weed can be consumed several times so buying a quarter will insist a person to re-up all the time. A quarter of weed is equal to almost seven bottle caps and it rolls up to ten joints or can be smoked around 14 bowls out of the pipe. When considering the price of a quarter of weed an important factor is a quality. So, it can be perceived that the price of a quarter of weed varies according to its quality, quantity, legality, availability, and competition. It has been observed that in several dispensaries a quarter of weed is normally sold at $70 to $90 in most of the states. On the other hand, the same amount of weed on streets is purchased at higher prices around $80 to $120. However, there a number of people who prefer purchasing a quarter of weed in most of the states.

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