An Afternoon with Preferred Jewelers

Preferred Jewelers, a 30-year and counting jewelry business located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is regarded as one of the most trusted and reliable jewelry locations in the entire city today. Having grown from a small store to a multi-brand jewelry retailer, Preferred Jewelers has served generations of families with fine jewelry, eye-catching diamonds, elegant watches, and of course, high quality jewelry repairs.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Preferred Jewelers and learning more about their business operation, passions, and preference for our Hollis Bahringer men’s jewelry collection.

Why Preferred Jewelers?

Preferred Jewelers prides themselves on providing a wide variety of jewelry items for consumers to choose from. Aware that not everyone has the same budget, they make sure to offer different price points that are compatible with every consumer. There is something for everyone at Preferred Jewelers, and they continue to source new products to keep their offerings exciting and current for patrons.

They have a large selection of gem rings and bracelets, as well as fashion pieces that match the latest trends. Their inventory is constantly changing to reflect consumer preferences. Also known for their bridal selection, Preferred Jewelers is definitely a versatile jewelry stop for any kind of style.

Longtime customers?

Preferred Jewelers is now witnessing the children of their original customers paying their time to the location. Now over 30-years old, multi-generations are coming in together for engagement rings, presents, and other gifts to mark special occasions. The jewelry store attributes this loyalty to their steadfast commitment to the surrounding Cincinnati community.

Also aware of presentation, Preferred Jewelers is known for their beautiful store setup and layout, as well as their optimized and professional website that makes perusing products as easy as possible. As they put it, “their online presence is important to them.” Preferred Jewelers is highly active on social media sites, most notably Facebook, to continue spreading the word on their store and what they have to offer consumers.

Hollis Bahringer

Preferred Jewelers carries INOX Jewelry Line, Hollis Bahringer Line among other stainless steel jewelry products. They added the Hollis Bahringer collection to their selection when they opened their new store back in 2015. Preferred Jewelers expressed their desire to expand the lines they currently carry, as the response has been positive and consistent. “It’s certainly an asset,” reports Dave from Preferred Jewelers

Preferred Jewelers plans to continue servicing local community members with access to high quality, and most importantly, affordable jewelry items for the time being. We look forward to our continued collaboration and features with the jewelry establishment in the heart of Cincinnati.


Preferred Jewelers
481 E Kemper Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45246
(513) 671-2000

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