How to Make a Video Essay: Tutorial by EssayBasics Service

Making a video essay is something that a lot of people have different ideas about, simply because the medium has only just begun to reach public view. Unlike with other essays, there hasn’t been any one single method of creating a video essay which authorities have agreed is the right one.

This means that everybody does theirs in their own way. This has its advantages, in that people have a lot of leeway, but it also has its disadvantages as well. No guidelines means very little oversight, and with that comes the possibility of getting things very wrong if you aren’t careful in how you approach things.

Even though a video essay is a more informal method of approaching a subject, it still has rules to follow, which can mean the difference between a video essay which works, and one which does not.

An essay which is written down has to follow certain rules to keep things logical, and to keep that particular essay in the style that the writer has chosen for it\is most appropriate for the subject under discussion. Video essays do not visually show the introduction, the three to five body paragraphs, and the conclusion, but they should be there in spirit, if the video is to make sense in the same way that a written essay would.

To create a video essay, you need to find out what your overarching question is going to be, and use that as the basis for the rest of the essay. This will be your video thesis statement, so be sure to remember to state it within the video at the appropriate times, just as a thesis statement would be written during the introduction and conclusion of a written essay. This question (or answer, as the case may be) will focus the rest of your essay, and so it should be referred to throughout your video, whether done directly or indirectly.

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