One Year Anniversary: JCK Las Vegas

As we get closer to the JCK Las Vegas show at the end of May we near the one year anniversary of the release of our new men’s fine jewelry collection HOLLIS BAHRINGER.

FullSizeRender (6)I am the kind of person who appreciates and celebrates anniversaries by looking back and measuring where I am today vs. where I started.  A year ago I was finishing up the first set of designs to present at the JCK Las Vegas show for the official unveiling.  Not sure how our vision would be accepted by the thousands of buyers attending the biggest show of the year for us.  An hour or two into the show I turned to Mark HOLLIS and said “No one is here to see the HOLLIS BAHRINGER collection; they are all here to see our inox line and our new Star Wars collection.”  Mark saw the panic in my eyes and said “Don’t worry, it’s early and our line looks amazing”.  He was right.  A little while later the HOLLIS BAHRINGER section of our booth was packed with interested buyers.  Needless to say I felt much better.

The year continued on with us doing many trade shows to get the word out.  HOLLIS BAHRINGER is a collection that needs to be seen in person.  To feel and see the quality in person is very important, photos just don’t do it justice.  We made many new friends and partners who became exclusive distributors of HOLLIS BAHRINGER.  The list keeps growing today.FullSizeRender (17)

So as our first year comes to an end I am again busy designing and developing our new set of collections that will be unveiled at our one year anniversary at the JCK Las Vegas trade show.  I am very excited to see the reception it will receive.  Please stop by to take a look and to meet me, Mark and the SalesOne team.  We will be at booth #B8169.


Charles P. Bahringer

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