Premier Jewelers enjoy more sales with HOLLIS BAHRINGER Collection

The latest high end jewelry line exclusively made for men, HOLLIS BAHRINGER, continues to take the world by storm and now, Premier Jewelers is happy to share the successful sales of the brand in their own store.

10636379_923539677676235_5112184142347017225_oOfficially unveiled to the public during the 2015 JCK Las Vegas show.  HOLLIS BAHRINGER is a sophisticated collection of men’s jewelry that is specially designed to offer a higher end option of accessories for men who are looking for the finest materials and most exquisite craftsmanship. With every piece guaranteed to satisfy or even exceed the refined taste of men, the HOLLIS BAHRINGER collection is now becoming more and more in demand in many stores and one of them is none other than Premier Jewelers.

A locally owned jewelry store strategically located right in the heart of Baymeadows business district in Jacksonville, FL, Premier Jewelers, spearheaded by the owner, Glenn Nedrow, and with the staff in full force, has been catering to the needs of customers since the year 2001. Composed of a skilled team of seasoned and professional jewelers who have more than 80 years of combined rich experience in the industry, Premier Jewelers offers a large array of fine jewelry. hbfibreBut more than the extensive selection of precious stones and diamonds, the store is also fully committed in giving their customers only the highest level and most superior shopping experience. Having an in house master jeweler, the store also offers custom designs of jewelries according to their customers’ specifications and also helps in remounts as well as same day jewelry repairs.12030509_1146870718676462_664636097622439568_o

Considering the amazing track record of Premier Jewelers, it is only understandable for the store to seek quality collections that can live up to their standards and HOLLIS BAHRINGER certainly exceeded expectations.

According to the store’s co-owner, Lisa Nedrow, “HOLLIS BAHRINGER is now doing remarkably well in our store, our customers are amazed by both the quality of the pieces and great price point.” While the store also sells other brands of men’s jewelry, Lisa claims that “HOLLIS BAHRINGER surpasses the other brands in terms of quality and design as the competition seems too mainstream.”  Premier Jewelers has already sold many rings and necklaces from the HOLLIS BAHRINGER collection and they express the need to place a new order soon. Aside from men’s jewelry, they also offer wedding and bridal accessories. Closeouts and practically a little bit of everything related to sparkling pieces of quality jewelry.

11802747_1114794405217427_2444029253089394378_oDespite the tough jewelry market as the result of the inflated gold value, the store is seeing a newer trend in which most of the customers choose to buy stainless steel and sterling silver items.

Premier Jewelers has recently moved to their new location in July, which is just 1.5 miles away from their previous location. With a length of 85 feet and width of 14 feet, this brand new location seems to be getting more foot traffic and even better type of customers.

Right now, Premier Jewelers has a special Relocation Giveaway contents that can be seen on their official Facebook page .The store also plans to host a Hollis Bahringer VIP Event for one evening during the holidays.

Premier Jewelers Contact info:

Premier Jewelers Jacksonville
9810-11 Baymeadows Road,
Jacksonville, FL 32256

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